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Neil Prem's talent as an intuitive listener, inspiring mentor, and encouraging coach has motivated me to press higher and reach farther. His exercises and profound questioning approach has stirred up hidden talents that were buried beneath my unproductive busy-ness. As a coach, Neil's method is refreshing, his style is supportive, and his influence is life changing. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Neil as a coach and motivator. 

Leslie Rowe, copywriter
Sarasota, Florida, USA  more...
How to design your destiny

The Top 10 Ways to Design Your Destiny 

1. Decide you can do it. 
You already are. Every decision you make every day makes YOU! 
Awaken to this and drive your destiny. 
2. Energise your desires. 
And be energised by them. Your desires allied with your decisions make miracles happen. 
3. Follow your intuition. 
Let your intuition surprise you, and lead you in some unexpected directions as you...  more...
Dont let that be you

So many people are waking up each day to find out that what they have been living for is not what they want!

Each year we are all working harder and longer and getting less, much less. Stress, divorce, debt and deteriorating health. All signs of an unhappy life.

No one on their deathbed wished they had spent more time in the office. Most people at the end of their lives have more regrets about what they didn't do, than for the things they did. 

They wish that they had climbed more mountains, swam in more seas and taken more risks. More than anything they wish they had followed their heart and lived their dreams. Eternity is a long time to have regrets.  more...
About Neil Prem

Neil Prem is founder and senior coach for Directions For Life

His mission in life is to "Create World Changers." He is passionate about people and their unbelievable potential. 

He longs to see people become all that they can be through finding the work they love, overcoming all the obstacles that stand in their way and through learning principles of success. He has a personal vision to see over 10,000 people make a difference through discovering their life's direction and purpose.

His work regularly takes him to Poland, India and the USA as a speaker where he hosts conferences and workshops.

His work regularly takes him to Poland, India and the USA as a speaker where he hosts conferences and workshops.

Neil expresses his unique life's purpose through speaking, writing and coaching. Thousands have heard his message. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest speakers of his generation.
His book The Unofficial University Survival Guide has been distributed throughout universities and colleges in the UK.

Neil is a founder member and accredited Professional Life Coach with the UK College of Life Coaching, where he serves as a faculty member and an Executive Coaching Consultant with the College of Executive Coaching. He co-wrote training material for the college's life and corporate coaching courses and teaches on ethics. He is a member of the only coaching ethics committee in the UK and regularly mentors new coaches. Neil is part of the International Research Network for Coaching.

Neil is also the founder of Student Mania, a not for profit organisation, which seeks to work with college students throughout the world enabling them to live on purpose and make a difference. 

Neil is married with two young daughters. Together they love to travel, eat out and entertain their friends at home. Together they attend Chelmsford Christian Growth Centre.
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