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Why is it so successful?

Coaching is the most powerful tool for growth and development there is. It's a unique partnership between me as the coach and you the client. 

You are the centre of attention. All the focus is on you and what you want to be do, be and have with your life. It's confidential, ethical and dynamic.

It's non directional. That means I don't tell you what's best for you. You are the single most knowledgeable person on you that there is. You have all the answers deep within you. My job is by listening to you and asking questions to assist you to find those answers.
How does it work?

Generally our coaching is done over the phone. Its quicker, you don't have to travel to me. Geographical boundaries are removed. We focus more quickly and nothing gets in the way.

Typically you will call me 3 times a month for powerful focussed coaching sessions. In between you complete various assignments and exercises as we progress through the Directions For Life programme.

Additionally in between sessions you can email as often as you want for help and support. You are not alone. I try to add value whenever I can.

You can also call me in between sessions for up to 10 minutes at a time. As often as you want.
What is my investment?

3 x 40 Minute Coaching Sessions 
Unlimited Email Support
In-between Sessions, 10 Minute Calls 
£240 per month

Billing is £240 per month in advance by credit card or cheque.

Fast Track is charged at £240 for a 2 hour consultation.

Are there any discounts available?
Yes. For clients paying for 3 months in advance the will receive a discount of £120. This incredible value for money saving represents some 16% off the normal price.

What happens if I miss a call?
Stuff happens! Occasionally we can't make prearranged calls because of illness and unforeseen circumstances.

All I ask is that you give me as much notice as possible and we'll reschedule. It's as simple as that. Complete no shows count as 1 session.
I have some more questions

No problem! I encourage all my clients to ask all the questions they need before committing to work with me. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask! 

Please feel free to email me with any thoughts, comments and questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you. Email me at

Free initial consultation
Email me today to book a complimentary 20-minute consultation. 

Please come prepared to discuss the biggest challenge you are experiencing in your life right now. You'll talk, I'll listen, then coach you and we'll both have a great time. I promise to deliver tremendous value to you in this call.

Contact me now to book your complimentary coaching session. 
What is Directions?

Directions For Life is a unique programme that utilises the power of coaching to assist people of all ages in finding their life's purpose and direction. This forms the foundation for a lifetime of happiness and success 

Directions For Life was created over a period of 18 months bringing together over 10 years of research and experience gained from working with hundreds of people all over the world.

It is a complete programme that takes people through from where they are now to where they want to be, the steps they need to take to get there and how to overcome all the obstacles in the way 

It can be taken in its entirety or in 3 unique phases. It's designed to work around you, your commitments and what's best for you:

Phase I - Purpose 
During this phase we identify your life's purpose. This part in itself is quite literally life changing. You will start to understand how you function, what you do best, what's most important to you, and identifying your life's passions, interests and themes.

Phase II - Direction 
During this phase we identify your life's direction. Here we start to paint a picture of what you want your life to be about. We will identify your life's work, goals, dreams and vision. Through interactive exercises and questions we will establish your "Perfect Day" and what you will have to do to get there. 

Many people at this point identify that they want to change career. Utilising the proven concepts in Dick Bolles "What Colour is Your Parachute" Neil takes his clients through an amazing journey that will allow you to identify, choose and select their chosen career.

Phase III - Next Steps
Having established were you want to go and what you want to do with your life we now start to break down the vision into achievable steps. We establish where you are now and exactly what you have to do to get where you want to go. Using the most relevant goal setting techniques we will establish powerful goals and actions steps that will literally pull you towards you destination. Additionally we will identify what support you will need, what obstacles you will need to overcome.

It takes on average 6/8 sessions conducted weekly to complete phases I and II and 3/4 sessions for phase III. Career changers normally add a further 3 weeks in between phases II and III.

For those of you that really want answers fast, Neil conducts FAST TRACK sessions for those that can attend either in London or Essex. These FAST TRACK sessions are 2 hours of laser coaching that are designed to get you on your way - FAST! 
During the two hours we will complete an abridged form of the Directions course that will allow you to quickly identify your life's direction and purpose. You could be living on purpose that soon.

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