You are on your way to discovering your life's direction and purpose. These 12 short questions are designed to assist both of us to see what direction your life is currently taking. Once you have submitted your request I will contact you within the next 5 days to set up your complimentary coaching session.
For each of the following areas, how would you rate your life from 0 to 10
Career Family
Relationships Personal Growth
Given these scores, what two areas are you willing to improve over the next six months to make the biggest difference to your life?
Health Money Career Family
Relationships PersonalGrowth Spirituality  
What one goal if achieved in the next six months would make a big difference to your life?
If you could have more of one thing in your life right now, what would that be?
What three things are you putting up with in your life right now?
What one thing would you most like to have or achieve but are not sure how you can do it?
If you had all the time and money in the world what would you do?
If you had a coach, what would you probably get from the coaching that would be most valuable to you?
Please select no more than three
Inspiration Direction Focus Support Ideas
Accountability Clarification Overcome Obstacles Success    
How open are you to coaching?
Very Reasonably Not sure Not really
Should we decide to work together, how affordable is the coaching investment to you?
Affordable Comfortable A stretch Not really
If we both agreed that Directions for Life is the next move for you, please select your preferred start date.
Next 10 day's Next 30 day's Next 3 month's
Do you require anyone else's agreement before setting up a coaching structure?
No, I can make that decision alone. Yes, I would like to get the agreement of my partner.
Your details.
First name
Last name
Home number
Work number
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