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We were seeking direction in our lives but had come to a standstill. Neil inspired us to keep pressing into the plans we felt God had spoken for us. Neil provided us with practical steps and a framework to begin to help clarify our vision. We implemented the things Neil spoke of and now we are walking in a new direction. We are so grateful for his guidance and excellent advice.

Ian & Nicky McKee
Northern Ireland

"Working with Neil has really helped me focus, and after many years searching, I now know the positive direction my life will be taking" 

Paul Jackson - Director,
I was at a crossroads at work. I no longer enjoyed my job, felt I didn't fit in and didn't know what to do.

In just one hour with Neil, I discovered that it was not the type of work that was wrong but my working environment. We quickly determined what was most important to me, and which types of working environment that would best suit me. 

My time with him was invaluable. It has put my whole life into perspective. I would highly recommend Neil to anyone else at a crossroads.

Marianne Constable
Compliance Manager
"Neil's motivational style is based on a great depth of character and integrity that has inspired many".
Dr Stephen Crouch BvSc (Hon's) MRCVS

"Neil Prem speaks with authority and in a language we can all understand. Each time I have heard him he has offered great hope and encouragement. 

I have never felt that he thinks anymore highly of himself than he ought which is refreshing.

In fact I can say before God and with great reassurance that I have never been disappointed or bored with any message I have heard him deliver. 

I would highly recommend as a speaker. He is a man of integrity and his council has always been both wise and sound."
Janet Bell, Teacher

"Neil inspires me. He speaks not from a position of knowing it all but as one who is learning" 
John Hoare, Pastor
Ramsden Heath Christian Growth Centre

"Neil always brings a fresh and challenging approach to his speaking. Audiences of all ages and backgrounds benefit from his teaching."
Trevor Harrington, Pastor
Maldon Christian Growth Centre
Neil Prem's talent as an intuitive listener, inspiring mentor, and encouraging coach has motivated me to press higher and reach farther. His exercises and profound questioning approach has stirred up hidden talents that were buried beneath my unproductive busy-ness. As a coach, Neil's method is refreshing, his style is supportive, and his influence is life changing. I wholeheartedly recommend Neil as a coach and motivator. 

Leslie Rowe, copywriter | Sarasota, Florida, USA
"I feel very privileged to know and to work with Neil Prem. He excels as a communicator and a leader. Neil is refreshing, honest, challenging and humorous. 
I have worked with him in England, Poland, and India and have been blessed by his leadership ability." 
Jim Inkster, Founder & Director
CGI Leadership Institute

"Neil's work has transformed the lives of our people. We love and trust him"
Stasis Dekowska, Founder
House of Victory, Torun, Poland

"Neil Prem is a regular speaker to Christian Growth Centre, and one who is highly valued for the depth of his input into the lives of his hearers. 

His open and transparent communication is profoundly effective as he draws his hearers with him on a journey, which leads to that most personal of victories, the discovery of self. 

Neil's high adventure style of delivery puts him, in my opinion, in the very upper echelon of motivational speakers. A fantastic communicator!"
Rev. Bev Murill, Pastor. 
Chelmsford Christian Growth Centre
"I don't think I can adequately express my thanks to Neil for our sessions together. They have been eye opening and inspirational to say the least. His material will grow and become big. It's excellent stuff. I just want to say thanks to him for allowing me to experience it.

After our final session I felt so energised by all I'd discovered. I went around the house doing a number of jobs, which I'd been putting off doing! I found my time with him and the use of his materials&
to be inspirational and thought provoking. It was an enormous privilege to begin to understand what God had, uniquely, given to me and to realise my giftings and abilities as well as discover the things, which I allow to hold me back. 

Neil has developed a process, which, quite incisively, allows one to discover the treasure within. I think this is a vital process for all those wanting to know how to function in the world in which God has placed them."

Fi Ivin, Image Consultant |
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